Rental Housing for International Customers

Since our founding in 1964, we have always been able to create a more comfortable life between the local Yamato City and Chuorinkan as our motto, “Trust, Kindness and Steadiness”.

Today, the number of sales of detached houses and residential land has also increased, and we have come to be able to obtain great trust from local Yamato City, especially Chuorinkan.

Now, Mizushima Shoji provides International customers with English service to find your new home.




Here are the sample steps for the house hunting.


Make An Appointment
Please contact us by e-mail and make an appointment.
Please let us know what kind of apartment you are looking for and your budget.


House Hunting
Please come to our shop and go house hunting with us.
Let's take a look at them and find the best apartment you like.


Fill out the application form with your and your Japanese guarantor's information.
We need your ID and other certificate if necessary.


Tenant Screening
We would have background check and confirm with the landlord.
We may ask you more information if needed.


Sign the contract
Please come to our shop again and sign the contract.
We will explain the important matters and life information.


Move in
Now you are ready to move in.
We will help you to set up the utilities and any other matters as you need.


Is it possible to rent an apartment if I do not speak Japanese?

Of course you can rent an apartment! We are happy to help you to find your new home here in Japan.

Do your properties come with furniture, appliances, etc.?

Unfortunately, our listings are not furnished apartments.

Are utilities such as gas, water, electricity or internet included in the rent?

Basically, all utilities are not included in rental apartments.
You will need to arrange monthly payments by yourself but we can support you for setting up these utilities.

What documents are required to rent a long-term apartment?

  • Residents Card
  • Passport
  • Proof of income

a)If you are full-time work in Japan, you need Japanese speaker emergency contact person.
b)If you are not full-time work in Japan, you need Japanese joint guarantor.

Can I keep my pets in my apartments?

It depends on the apartments. In pet friendly apartments, deposit will be required to keep a pet.

Can I apply the apartment without viewing?

No, we strongly recommend you visit the property before you sign the contract.

Can I renew the lease contract?

Yes, but a Contract Renewal Fee will be required.