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  • Looking for an apartment
  • Contact us by e-mail we will get back to you soon.

Here are the sample steps for the house hunting.

  • Step1
    Make An Appointment
    Make An Appointment
    Please contact us by e-mail and make an appointment.
    Please let us know what kind of apartment you are looking for and your budget.
  • Step2
    House Hunting
    House Hunting
    Please come to our shop and go house hunting with us.
    Let’s take a look at them and find the best apartment you like.
  • Step3
    Fill out the application form with your and your Japanese guarantor’s information.
    We need your ID and other certificate if necessary.
  • Step4
    Tenant Screening
    Tenant Screening
    We would have background check and confirm with the landlord.
    We may ask you more information if needed.
  • Step5
    Tenant Screening
    Sign the contract
    Please come to our shop again and sign the contract.
    We will explain the important matters and life information.
  • Step6
    Tenant Screening
    Move in
    Now you are ready to move in.
    We will help you to set up the utilities and any other matters as you need.
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